The Health Center

Among the many unique amenities offered within the community at Good Shepherd Village at Endwell, is the specialized care and beautiful surroundings of The Health Center.

We are reshaping the way senior health care is delivered.

The Health Center was designed for future use by the residents of Good Shepherd Village who may someday require on-site health care.

We've created a place the offers the best of hospitality and health care. Beautiful open spaces lead to specialized living areas located within the Health Center. Sixteen two room suites are reserved for the Assisted Living Residence level of care and sixteen private rooms are used for residents with memory impairment. Thirty-two private rooms are devoted to skilled nursing care.

Each living area offers its own fine dining room, with meals prepared by Good Shepherd Village chefs. Private dining rooms are also available to reserve for special occasions.

There's an extra value, too. Many people don't need skilled nursing but rather a safe, secure environment. Our memory care is secured and is offered at less cost than other traditional environments.

Don't miss this opportunity – for more information, call the Health Center at 607-757-3102 or Admissions at 607-584-3237.

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living residents enjoy apartment life with personal care. Enjoy a 2 room suite and receive assistance with medication management, activities of daily living, 24 hour staffing and coordination of medical care. We can also arrange for therapy services to be offered on-site.

Residents enjoy spacious 2 room suites, featuring a private bath and an easy-to-access shower. A private dining room features chef prepared meals.

As an Assisted Living resident, you have the option of retaining your own personal physician and dentist or you may choose our on-site physician and dental services.

  • Apartment-like living with Personal Care
  • 2 Room Suites
  • Private Bath and Shower
  • On-site Physician and Dental Services


Enhanced Assisted Living

Also available within the Assisted Living Residence is the Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) which allows us to provide additional services and increased nursing care for residents without them having to leave their existing room. 

Individuals can live in our EALR even if they need another person’s assistance to walk, transfer, climb or descent stairs, or operate medical equipment.  Here we can provide as much independence as possible while offering the services needed to ensure reaching maximum potential, and our single rooms ensure privacy while receiving that care.  These extra services can delay and in some cases prevent having to access skilled nursing home care for residents who exceed certain retention standards of adult homes, enriched housing programs or assisted living residences.

Special Needs Assisted Living

Our Special Needs Assisted Living Residence offers a safe, secure 16 bed unit. Here specially trained staff assist residents in their day-to-day activities - in beautiful surroundings.

Residents enjoy private rooms and their own dining area.

Residents and staff have direct outside access to our beautifully designed "memory garden" with private walkways and park benches – to provide for continued outside experiences.

Residents have the option of retaining their own personal physician and dentist or they may choose our on-site physician and dental services.

  • Adult Care Memory Impairment Dining Area
  • Secure Memory Garden
  • On-site Physician and Dental Services

Enhanced Special Needs Assisted Living

The same enhanced services available to Assisted Living residents may also be offered to Special Needs residents.

Skilled Nursing Care

One of the wonderful resources of The Health Center remains our 32 private room skilled nursing living area. Because of the small number of patients, our skilled nursing team can truly offer outstanding care.

Every resident can enjoy a spacious, private room that's fully furnished. Each room features window seats for additional seating when family and friends visit.

Unique to the Good Shepherd Village Health Center is a private bath and shower in every room.

Patients may enjoy their meals in one of the two restaurant style dining rooms.

  • 32 Private Rooms
  • Private Bath and Shower
  • 2 Restaurant Style Dining Rooms
  • Chef-prepared, Dietitian-approved Meal 

Admissions Process

There are several steps involved in the application process. We hope that the following information will assist you.

  • We encourage you to schedule a tour of Good Shepherd Village at Endwell. Tours are available Monday through Friday. If a weekday is not convenient,our staff will work to accommodate your availability.
  • Obtain an application form, either by requesting one by phone, or downloading it.
  • You must submit the completed application, including all the requested financial information.
  • An interview with a member of the Home’s Admissions Department is required prior to admission.
  • Incoming Adult Care Facility residents must have a medical evaluation by their physician.
  • Incoming Skilled Nursing Facility residents must submit a medical history from their physician and have a physical examination prior to admission. In addition, an evaluation by a community agency is required to confirm the applicant’s need for nursing home placement.

Good Shepherd Village at Endwell has a philosophy that each resident should be treated with dignity and respect. We value the individuality of each resident and are committed to person-centered care as we assess a resident’s needs.

housing logo If you wish to apply for entry to Good Shepherd Village at Endwell, please complete the application and provide the requested documentation. We are available to answer questions that you may have as you go through the application and admission process. We will be pleased to offer our assistance.

Heather Minor
Director of Admissions

Angela Nunez
Admissions Coordinator

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